“Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues & Future Outlook.”


This is a 2-part assignment, and the principal goal of Assignment 2 is to explore the “Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues and Future Outlook.” The primary intent behind this is so students can identify research, examine and illustrate the world of marketing from the current trajectory; where it is headed; current and future trends; emerging issues, and the outlook of where marketing may be headed in the future. Again, this should be viewed as an unstructured assignment.

PART1: Research – Students are expected to conduct an extensive search on the Recent Trends in Marketing; Emerging Issues; and the Future Outlook of how the discipline may evolve moving forward. Again, due to the fact that there are multiple aspects and opinions, this is intended to be a broad sweep of the topic, and will include an investigation of external research sources in addition to the text and readings in this course. Students will need to dedicate time to visit the library, the online community and even review some of the “practitioner-focused” books at Barnes & Noble to ensure completeness in their research.

PART 2: Document – Students will transition out of the research phase and actually start drafting the document. The document format will be determined by the student (as that is part of the assignment), however, should address the aforementioned issues, and be thought of as a research debrief on the “Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues & Future Outlook.”



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