Coursework GCSE, Health sciences and medicine Kinesiology

Coursework GCSE, Health sciences and medicine Kinesiology

Project description
Capstone Scenario:

You have been hired by a local gym with a base of 1,000 members to design and implement a for profit personal training program. Your plan is to be submitted to the owner of the facility for review. You must develop a mission statement, hiring process, payroll criteria – for trainers, daily trainer schedule, new member initiation protocol – including sample workouts, private personal training protocol – including sample workouts, and marketing plan. Remember to choose a specific location and define your clientele using actual demographics.

Format and Layout Instructions:

For this assignment, it is absolutely essential that you read, study, and become familiar with the rubric for the Capstone Project BEFORE you begin your outline. Give yourself enough time to write the case study analysis. It is important that you read and reflect on the content and do not rush through it. Be analytical, not descriptive when writing your case study. You may need to compare and contrast issues, identify the pros and cons of viewpoints and situations, and provide honest, straightforward solutions.
Additional hints for successful organization of your Capstone Project…
• Identify the problem (capstone scenario)
• Review and prioritize the information
• Select specific information from the scenario and categorize it according to people, place, or program


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