Please look carefully at the assignment requirements below with the specifications numbered 1-3. There is no exception and all bullets must be followed thoroughly to get full points. Please avoid any shortcuts in this assignment.

1. Bullet #1 is fairly self explanatory. The link mentioned on bullet 3 should be at the end of the information presented in bullet #1.

2. This bullet 2 should be specific and follow the bolder underlined specification in the attachment. This querry letter should be at least 1 page long and should keep in line or along the path of paper # 289251 with the journal being something in obstetric and gynecology or along that path since I am in maternity.

3. This bullet (The link) should be attached at the end of bullet 1 in the attachment with outline of expectation.

There should be a querry letter as a separate attachment.

The collaborative discussion for this week is focused on publication.
1. Select and share with us which journal you will submit a manuscript about your DNP scholarly project.
2. Develop a query letter to the editor of the journal you have selected and paste it into this collaborative discussion. The query letter should include: the article idea including its focus, an abstract and outline, length of paper, target date for submission, background of all authors and their qualifications to write on the subject, and the topic’s relevance to nursing today.
3. Also, include a link to the author guidelines for the selected journal.

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