1. Write your Critical Assessment by following these steps.
a) State the Title of the Paper & Name(s) of the Authors.

b) State whether the article is an Original Article, a Systematic Review, a Critical Review or a Meta-analysis?

c) Did the author state a Hypothesis or raise a Guiding question or make ordinary statement about the Research Topic. Identify the hypothesis or question asked or statement made either in the Introduction or Materials/Method section of the article (paper).

d) Critique that is criticize the Literature Review part? Is the information her relevant to the Title of the Article, Is it too little or too much in scope ? Any other criticism you may wish to make

e) What were the Materials and Methods? Describe these as stated by the authors. This part is very important in any scientific article

f) Explain how Results were presented.

g) What is your opinion about the Discussion/Conclusions/Recommendations?

h) In a separate paragraph, explain well why you “enjoy” or “do not enjoy the Article.

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