Food Ingredients and Food Additives

Find a food label that contains at least two additives that will help you to answer the following questions. This website from the Center for Science in the Public Interest will be helpful for many of the additives.

1. Take a picture of the label or type the ingredients.  If it is not obvious, share what the food is.  Be sure that your label includes non-nutritive additives.  You may use more than one label in order to answer all the questions without duplicating additives.

2. Identify a texture additive from your label.  Do some light research and summarize what is known about this additive. Identify whether or not it is safe, whether or not it is natural, and what foods it is typically used in.

3. Identify a flavor or color additive from your label.  Do some light research and summarize what is known about this additive.  Is it safe? Is it natural?  What foods is it typically used in?

4. Identify a nutritive additive.  Again, do some light research and explain why this nutrient was added in.  Is it an example of enrichment or fortification?  If it is enrichment, what would be the consequences of a deficiency in this nutrient?  If it is fortification, why are consumers and/or manufacturers concerned with ‘extra’ in this food?


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