Colors, Texturizers and Flavorings

(10pts) (~400 words) Europe often uses natural colors in lieu of the artificial colors that are favored in American food production.  For example, turmeric is used many times instead of Yellow #5.  Read this article for an example, and to discover how some companies are reacting to the public attention following CSPI’s campaign to get the FDA to ban certain artificial dyes.  Next, read this article about cochineal: and listen to this story on FD&C food dyes: The FDA eventually decided not to ban these dyes.  After learning more about natural vs. artificial colors, what is your opinion?  Use examples from the links to support your explanation.

(3pts) Many bioactive compounds are responsible for the variety of colors in plant based foods.  Provide at least three examples of bioactive compounds currently in use to naturally color foods.  Include examples of the foods they are used in.

(10pts) (~400 words) Read the Jarvis paper on dried plums.  Summarize the results.  Choose an additive from this list: (xanthan gum, gum arabic, locust bean gum, guar gum, agar agar) and summarize in your own words.  Using examples from these readings, explain your reaction to the use of gums and other texturizers in foods.

(5pts) (~250 words) Listen to this story:  Using examples from the story, describe your reaction to the use of cellulose in foods.  What is the purpose of using this additive?  How is this different than the additives in the question above?

(7pts) (~300 words) Read this article and watch the 60 minutes segment that follows:  Using examples from the video, summarize the artificial flavor industry. Include your thoughts on artificial flavors.

(5pts) (~250 words) Next, read about castoreum: Like color additives, natural does not always appeal to people.  How do you feel about the use of castoreum (a natural additive) in foods?
Each response must be thoroughly and thoughtfully answered in order to receive full credit.  Lazy responses will not receive many points.

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