Technology-capturing data

Consider a physical location from your favorite television show or movie. This building has some piece of electronic data stored on a hard drive in whatever passes for the most secure room in the facility.

For example, If you chose the bar from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the hard drive will be connected to a computer in the back office. If you chose Bruce Wayne’s house, the hard drive would be connected to a computer in the Bat cave etc…

Take a few minutes and think about how you, a complete stranger, would get the data off that drive. Things to consider, are there physical processes (business or otherwise) that can be exploited to achieve my goal? Can the drive be physically accessed at all, if so, how will I get the data off? Would it be easier to go in over the wire? What kind of security can you expect? What are the odds of encountering encryption, and if you do, then what? How would you connect to this box in the first place? Can social engineering solve any smaller problems?

Your task here is to create a theoretical plan to capture that data.

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