Assessment Plan Critique

Assessment Plan Critique

In this assignment, you will evaluate the assessment planning of a program at your institution/organization or another one you have access to and/or interest in. After you have selected a program to evaluate, you should review program materials and/or speak with program faculty and staff to gather information that you will then use to critique the program’s assessment planning, as well as offer suggestions for refinement and improvement. You will collect data on the program’s assessment planning in the following areas:

  1. Program Mission
  2. Program Goals
  3. Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)
  4. Assessment Measures
  5. Benchmarks and Standards
  6. Timelines for Data Collection/Analysis
  7. Data Analysis and Key Findings
  8. Use of Results, Action Items and Dissemination

Detailed prompts and guidelines will be given to students on the data to collect on the above points.

Next, you will analyze the data you have collected and use the Program Assessment Planning Rubric to rate the program as Beginning, Developing, Accomplished, or Exemplary in each of the above areas.

Each student will then prepare a multi-media presentation that is structured as follow:

  • Introduce the program that you critiqued
  • Explain and justify your ratings of the program in each area (with examples).
  • Offer recommendations for improvement in assessment planning.
  • Reflect on what you learned from critiquing the program’s assessment planning.

During the week of the course, you will post a 7-10 minute multi-media overview of your Assessment Plan Critique to your colleagues.


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