Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

-Respond to the bulleted questions below.  This statement gives you an opportunity to 1) describe your aptitude for the profession of social work, 2) explain how your qualifications and goals fit with the mission and goals of the Texas State School of Social Work, and 3) demonstrate your thinking, writing, and communication skills.

  • How and when did you decide on social work as a career?  How have your volunteer, employment, and life experiences influenced your decision to pursue an MSW degree?
  • All human beings have strengths and resources as well as limitations and barriers which determine how well we can reach our life goals.  Describe three strengths or resources you possess that will help you become a good social worker and explain how these resources will aid you.
  • Describe three challenges or barriers that you face which could hinder you in becoming a good social worker.  Explain how those challenges or barriers could hinder you and what you are doing or plan to do to overcome them.
  • A major aim of the Texas State School of Social Work is to prepare professionals to deal with those persons who are traditionally served by public agencies.  These are clients who are the most needy, vulnerable and underrepresented in our society.  How do your previous experiences and/or future goals address this aim?
  • What do you expect to accomplish within the realm of social welfare and social justice once you have earned your degree?

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