Ration formulation

Ration formulation
Task 1 (50% of assignment mark)
Consider yourself a nutritional advisor. You have been asked by the farm manager to evaluate the available forage and provide advice on rationing for his animals and he has provided you with the attached silage analysis. Using an appropriate rationing system, devise a complete daily ration for your chosen animal based on this silage and any other ingredients you think necessary. Write your report in a format which is accessible to a lay person (i.e. the farm manager). It should be brief and concise, clearly focused on the silage as described in the report, the specific chosen animal its requirements and how the ration meets them, with limited use of scientific jargon or citations.

Task 2: (50% of assignment mark)
With respect to the making and storage of grass silage, discuss how things can go wrong and how this can be avoided. Makes specific recommendations for change in the on farm making and storage of silage in relation to the silage analysis provided. This should be written in the format of a scientific report, with appropriate use of scientific references.

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