Music Industry-Working Relationships.

You are required to discuss the working relationships between 3-4 music industry players,
highlighting the economic, legal and logistical dependencies.
How these relationships are formed and depends on each other
Take one example: PPR to radio to publisher to songwriter, Key players for a carrier between A&R, Marketing, booking agents, business team etc…
Managers and artists don’t agree anymore? What happens? When a singer doesn’t want to stream her album, what happens with the deals?
● All sources must be clearly cited and referenced;
● Identify key players in the music industry and illustrate its value chain;
● Illustrate systems for revenue collection and income flow, use graphics.
● Employ appropriate use of industry terminology;

Assessment Criteria

● Clear and concise introduction

Assessment Guidelines

● Insightful analysis/discussion of the topic
● Insightful and well-developed conclusion
● Effective and Appropriate use of quotes, referencing and bibliography;

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