Learning Analytics Reflection

Learning Analytics Reflection

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize your learning and thinking and to be able to articulate your thoughts about the significance of learning analytics and big data in assessing and improving learning, as well as prospects and challenges associated with learning analytics in evidence-based learning and design. In this assignment, you are to write a paper that presents your understanding and views on the following:

• What is learning analytics? What is “big data” in education?
• Who are the various audiences with a stake or interest in learning analytics and big
data in education?
o What type(s) of data are these audiences interested in, and why?
• Generally speaking, what is the potential of using learning analytics and big data in assessing and improving learning?
• What are some connections between using alternate learning credentials and learning analytics?
• Generally speaking, what are some of the challenges associated with using learning analytics in education?
• In your opinion, what is the prospect of using learning analytics and big data to assess and improve learning in your organization?
o If your organization is already well on its way to designing and/or using a learning analytics strategy, please describe the process and why you’ve been successful.
o If your organization has not designed or implemented a learning analytics strategy, what has to happen before it can move forward with learning analytics? What are some concrete suggestions for moving your organization forward? Be specific!
Individuals will develop an 8-10 page reflection paper (not including title and references; 12-point font; double-spaced; 1-inch margins; APA format) that addresses the above points.

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