You are assigned projects organized by countries. You will be assigned a topic/element from the listing below.
Present your assigned topic/element as it plays out in the media of the specific country that has been assigned. In other words, you are assigned a specific country and also you are assigned a specific topic/element. For example, you may be assigned Australian media and individually you were assigned to journalism/censorship as a topic/element. So, you will be presenting a
project focused on how the topic/element of journalism/censorship plays out in Australian media.
Create a Web page or PowerPoint presentation outlining with creative flair the characteristics of the media by assigned topic/element and country.
Present a distinct element/topic and how these topics/elements manifest in the media of the country, in television, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc., or you can present them all in the same format/medium. The emphasis or focus should be how topics/elements are manifested in the media of that country. In other words, information must be directly relevant to media.

The list below, are the elements/topics that are assigned

1. Free Speech, Censorship, & Journalism
2. Propaganda, Framing & Public Relations
3. Branding & Advertising
4. Pop Culture & Storytelling
in Media
5. Diversity & Stereotyping

1. These projects need to be presented in either PowerPoint or Web Page formats that are PC friendly.
2. The specific topic/element assigned to the student should be presented focusing on how that topic/element is manifested in the assigned country.
Generally, projects should average 15 slides, if it’s a PowerPoint, or the equivalent if it’s a web site.
3. A reference section (bibliography)

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