Information Technology

Reference book is
Turban, Efraim & Volonino, Linda & Wood, Gregory R. & Sipior, Janice C.. ( © 2013). Information technology for management: advancing sustainable, profitable business growth, 9th edition.

Use 12-point font, double space, one inch margins and default word wrap. If you have tables or graphics (which you may provide for no extra credit), append them using APA format after the reference page.

Question 1 (Essay Question) You work for a small store that sells automobile tires.   You see an opportunity to expand the business by offering products and services information via the Internet.  The store does not have any computer systems.Search the Internet and discuss your recommendation for an e-Business system. Be specific about the following business capabilities: functional IS systems (Turban et al., Figure 9.1 in Chapter 9), collaboration/ communication tools (Turban et al, Section 10.4 in Chapter 10) with suppliers/ customers/ employees, and web presence solutions (i.e., applications that create and host web sites). Justify your recommendation. (Emphasis on Turban et al. Chapters 6, 9 and 10.) For the entire question (question and response), the minimum length is one page; maximum length is 1.5 pages.

Question 2 (Short Answer with analysis). A health care organization is planning to implement an automated patient care system that will enable the health care organization to electronically share information with their patients.  They would like to provide patients with access to medical records, submit consent forms for treatment, and enable electronic payment of bills using the internet. (Hint: Emphasis on issues discussed in Turban et al. Chapters 5 and 14).For the entire question (question and response), the minimum length is one page; maximum length is 1.5 pages.
a. Use a (bullet) list to identify and explain the top 3 privacy and security concerns that the healthcare solution needs to address.

b. Use a (bullet) list to identify and explain the top 5 recommendations for policies and/orIT technologies necessary to mitigate these concerns.

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