Evaluating a Website for Credibility

Evaluating a Website for Credibility

1. Select a health-related website with the domain indicated as .org or .gov.
2. Introduction section includes 6 elements:
     a. clearly name the website
     b. describes the purpose of the website
     c. Indicate the search engine used to locate the website.
     d. Identify the domain of the website .
     e. Discuss the rationale for the selection of the website .
     f. Provide the web address, also known as the URL or uniform resource locator. This typically begins with “http://…”
3. Provide a thorough analysis of the website, using the following five criteria: authority, information, objectivity, ease of navigation, and privacy and security policies.
4. Determine if the website is credible, provide a rationale for decision, and support the decision with empirical evidence. The empirical evidence is to be a minimum of two (2) scholarly articles published within the last 5 years.
5. Discuss why it is important for a professional nurse to evaluate information found on the Internet. Provide three (3) distinct examples of how a professional nurse could use the information provided by the selected website.
6. Summarize the content of the paper in concluding statements.
7. The body of the scholarly paper is to be no more than 2.5–3 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. It must follow APA format (6th edition).
After selecting a website with the domain of .org or .gov, evaluate the website in the body of a scholarly paper. Include a minimum of two (2) scholarly references published within the past 5 years that support how you determined that the website is credible

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