Collection and Comparison of different Companion Systems

Title – Research Seminar: Collection and Comparison of different Companion Systems
Subject – Engineering
Level – University (Master of Science)


1. Cognitive Systems or Intelligent Systems – Read as many papers as possible, look into publications, projects, etc for how many systems are there ?
2. Human Robotic Systems (Types, Comparisons)
– it is related to Man-Machine-Communication (MMC) but there is a thin line differentiating both cognitive systems & MMC.
– collection of companions of human robotic system
3. Study about Cognitive Probability and how it is related to this topic.
4. Study about Virtual Agents and how it is related to this topic.
5. The SASO4 Domain in one system – check this paper (Provided) ‘Incremental Dialogue Understanding and Feedback for Multiparty, Multimodal Conversation’ (David Traum, 2012)
6. Also works of David Traum, Candace Sidner, Stefan Scherer and other relevant authors.
7. Papers of ICT (Institute for Creative Technologies), IVA conference and Utah Scenario(s).
8. They are  total minimum 3-4 or maximum 10-15 systems or more – i.e., collection of companions
9. Compare the systems based on, like, their functions, limitations, etc – i.e., comparison of companions.
10. Idea of comparing technical & virtual systems is more in a way of companions (that is, with respect to ‘companions’) e.g. robots – reliable, trustworthy, etc are properties of robots.
11. Cognitive systems is more like a boss, whereas companions are more like a servants/butler, so the task is the comparison of such companions like:
– how to use and implement.
– relation to man machine interaction.
– cognitive tasks into the interaction field.

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