Nursing Manager – Perinatal Services

Nursing Manager – Perinatal Services

Why are you interested in leaving your current position?
What are your professional goals for the next 2 years and how will this position help you in achieving your goals?My potential goal is to reach my highest protential.

Describe your professional experience in the following areas:
• Involvement with regulatory surveys (Joint Commission; Department of Health)
• Managing represented staff
• Developing policies and procedures
• Achieving or maintaining Magnet Status with current/previous employer
Describe your managerial/supervisory experience in Mother/Baby or L&D(or other clinical management experience). Include facility size, unit size, # of direct reports, compliance, inspections, regulatory agencies, etc.

Describe your knowledge as it relates to:

• Teaching, training, mentoring, etc… (type of audience and subject matter taught) Please Labor and delivery and postpartum staff members for this section.
• Nursing trends and new laws –how you stay up to date
• Electronic medical systems/programs

How many and what level of staff have you supervised? How do you evaluate staffing and resource needs; develop staffing assignments and work schedules? PLEASE INDICATED HOW I SUPERVISED STAFF IN LABOR AND DELIVERY AND POSTPARTUM

Describe your ability to:
• Develop a strategy/vision and move people to achieve them; team building
• Lead employees to strive for performance and quality improvement initiatives

Describe a situation where you had to prioritize levels of a project and develop and follow a project plan in either Mother/Baby or L&D.
Situation: What project were you working to complete?
Behavior: How did you prioritize and plan?
Outcome: What was the outcome of the project?

Describe a situation where you created or facilitated a team building activity.
Situation: What was the issue or problem being addressed by this activity?
Behavior: How did you prioritize and plan?
Outcome: What was the outcome of the activity?

Define what customer service means to you. How do you manage demanding and difficult customers in the healthcare?


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