Toulmin Exercise

Instructions: Study the image provided and analyze it using the Toulmin Model. First, study the six elements below to help you frame your answers. 

 Find the (6) main elements of the Toulmin Model in the Advertisement provided.

 What is the claim? Find it by completing the sentence, “The advertiser wants me to believe I should buy this because…

What is the support/data? Find it by completing the sentence, “The advertiser wants me to accept this because…

What are the warrants? Find them by asking the following question “What does this advertiser think the audience believes when it comes to selecting a car?

 Is there backing which supports the warrants? Ask, “Does the advertiser supply any additional information that would make it easier for me to accept the warrants

Is there a rebuttal? Ask, “Are there other views implicitly or explicitly represented in the ad that would address a potential short-coming of the product?

Is there a qualifier? Ask yourself if there is any qualifying language that would imply the product may not meet its standards.

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