Gender Stereotyping

gender Stereotyping
1.What is your opinion on the toy industry’s way of marketing certain toys specifically to girls and other toys specifically to boys? Do you like it, dislike it, think it’s good, think it’s bad, etc.? Explain your point of view on the issue.
2.What toys did you buy, do you buy, or do you intend to buy for the young boys and girls in your family (for example, your own children or your nieces and nephews). Is your selection of toys different for the girls versus the boys?
3.What impact do you think the gender stereotyping used in the production and marketing of toys has on the social, cognitive, and physical development of children and their future roles in society? Is it positive or negative, strong or minimal?
To assist in answering the second question, find some scientific information from an online source relevant to the issue. Provide a rationale (i.e., a set of reasons) in support of your conclusion to the question incorporating specific information found from the online source. Provide a reference for the online source that includes the complete web address, organization, and author (no particular format for the reference is required).

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