Advanced Networking

Advanced Networking
1. A Report
This should contain your model, with your findings. This should be presented in the standard format, with contents page, page numbers, headings, intro, conclusion, etc.

1) Introduction should explain what the project is about.

2) The body of the report should show the experiments you ran, and the results you obtained.
Remember to put captions under your graphs, and figure numbers.
You need to discuss the following questions when you write the report:
– What is your understanding about the packet inter-arrival distributions, why do we need them?
– What do you learn from the usage of the different traffic sources with same and different traffic inter-arrival distributions (constant and exponential used in this simulation). How it affects the traffic generated by the traffic sources.

3) The Conclusions – Conclusions should summarise what is contained in the report, and in addition what you have learnt about the model.

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