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Warm-up Activity 5.2
Carefully study the following example of how to prepare an annotated bibliography entry. Note that there are four sections to the entry: hypothesis, methodology, conclusion, and evaluation. Be sure to include each of these sections in your annotated bibliography entries. For information on annotated bibliographies, visit the “Conducting Research” and “Forms of Writing” sections in the Northcentral University Academic Success Center (ASC) (click the links in the left side navigation area of the Academic Success Center (ASC) screen ).

Annotated Bibliography example


Begin an annotated bibliography of the articles that you are reviewing. Note all the important sections of the article, as illustrated in the sample above. Also, note not only the articles that you plan to use, but also any article that you read. Be sure to note at the end of the article how useful the article may be for your literature review.

Include the articles you reviewed in Week 3, so that there is a total of at least 15 articles in this version of your Annotated Bibliography. Add a one page paper reflecting on your experiences with note taking and research tools. Note which ones had features you would like to you and which one, if any, you have adopted for your own use.

Length: at least 15 research articles
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