explain The Return of the Prodigal Son By Bartolome Esteban Murillo

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The order for this paper is for art class based on Esteban Bartolome Murillo\’s painting \” The Return of the Prodigal Son\” 1667/1670.

The paper should be in MLA style, doubled spaced, and should include the following:

Introduce the artist and the work of art you will be discussing. Write a brief description of the artwork. Be sure to include the artist and title. Please note, the title of the artwork is written in italics — The Starry Night.

Thesis statement: Your thesis states what your paper will be about and what points you will be making. Your statement should be focused on the meaning/expression of the artwork.

Supporting paragraph(s)

Each supporting paragraph should deal with one main idea that supports your thesis. There should be a topic sentence, stating the main idea of that paragraph. Other sentences in that paragraph will support the topic sentence.

Point to the artist’s choices in terms of media, style, subject matter, elements of art, principles of design, and space (as appropriate) to support your ideas.

Include information about the artist’s life and/or historical context as it relates to your thesis.

Be sure that the supporting details truly support your thesis. Organize your thoughts and choose what is important.


Sum up and synthesize your ideas.

Cite Your Sources Using MLA Format. Your essay should include a minimum of 2 sources.

One of the sources you can use is the website of National Gallery of Art in Washington DC West Building –Gallery 34. This is the location where the painting is being exhibited and here is where I went to see it. The website provides some information about the painting and the artist.

Use another respectable art source that can be easily reached if my professor needs to locate the source. Please DO NOT USE wikipedia.


Please use appropriate art vocabulary and be as specific as you can.
Focus your comments on what you think the artwork expresses and how the artist’s choices communicate that idea.
Avoid statements referring to the artist as “very famous” or “the best artist.”
Be sure to include biographical and historical context.
Be sure to cite ANY sources you use for biographical information and historical context,. Use MLA format.

Please make sure the paper is on MLA format. PLEASE use your own words , do not copy and paste information from sources since this paper will be checked for plagiarism by my professor once submitted.

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