Discuss the relationship between word and image in mixed-media narrative text.

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Part 1. Choose two of the following quotes and explain each of them in your own words.. No more than half a page for each (40% of the grade)
1. “The author (real or empirical) can be defined in a narrow sense as the intellectual creator of a text written for communicative purposes. In written texts in particular, the real author is distinguished from the mediating instances internal to the text” (Schonert)
2. “Factual and fictional narrative are generally defined as a pair of opposites. However, there is no consensus as to the rationale of this opposition. Three major competing definitions have been proposed: (a) semantic definition: factual narrative is referential whereas fictional narrative has no reference (at least not in “our” world); (b) syntactic definition: factual narrative and fictional narrative can be distinguished by their logico-linguistic syntax; (c) pragmatic definition: factual narrative advances claims of referential truthfulness whereas fictional narrative advances no such claims( Schaeffer)
3. “The term ‘Implied reader,’ coined by Booth as a counterpart of the implied author designates the image of the recipient that the author had while writing or, more accurately, the author’s image of the recipient that is fixed and objectified in the text by specific indexical signs” (Schmid).
4. “Transfictionality is the migration of elements such as characters, plot structures, or setting from one fictional text to another. It can be thought of as a relation between possible worlds” (Marie-Laure Ryan).
Part 2. Choose one of the following topics and write a clear, concise essay of no more than 3 pages. Your essay should have a title and a Works Cited page (60% of the grade).
1. Discuss the relation between fictionality and historicity in relation to Lisa Goldstein’s “Breadcrumbs and Stones” and David Brin’s “Thor Meets Captain America”.
2. Discuss the relationship between word and image in mixed-media narrative texts, illustrating your discussion with a graphic novel of your choice.
3. Discuss the concept of transmedia narrativity and give an example of transmedia storytelling. How does the change of medium affect the meaning of the story?
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