Discuss the importance and the effects of intrinsic rewards on the performances of employees within the F&B service sector.

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1. The dissertation is consisted mainly with give parts: 1.0 Introduction (1000 words) 2.0 Literature Review (3000 words) 3.0 Methodology (2000 words) 4.0 Findings and Analysis (2500 words) 5.0 Conclusion (1000 words)
2. Word Count for the dissertation around 9500 *not including references (and so far I\’ve got 3000)
3. Please also check for the grammar if possible
4. Statement of the problem (Introduction), Literature Review and Methodology are undone.
5. I mostly base on two books for the concept of this dissertation just so you know, which are “Employee Reward Third Edition by Michael Armstrong: 0-85292-938-2” and “Hospitality Management and Organisational Behaviour Fifth Edition by Lauris J. Mullins & Penny Doss: ISBN 978-0-273-75837-2”
6. Important: During the literature review, there will be three main theories being discussed. a.) Vroom’s expectancy theory b.) Golden Circle Theory c.) A theory (Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose) by Dan Pink [You may only see two of them because I haven’t input the last theory in it and it is certainly important to pay more attention on the the Golden Theory and Dan Pink’s Theory. The Vroom’s expectancy theory can be optional, if you don’t really need that you can just wipe it out. Number of theories is not limited.]
7. And please do the following dissertation with a similar tone as mine if possible.
8. Lastly, there will be needed for the primary research which I chose as questionnaire. The background information of the collected is from the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong (Bar & Lounge). There are currently 27 employees. And just please make up the questionnaires yourself according to the dissertation topic. Like questions that will help on you to analyse or else.
9. The paper will be written in British English Style.
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