explain Socrates and Protagoras

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An essay with a clearly organized structure.
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Your essay should have a beginning or introduction with a statement of your thesis or point of view, a middle that discusses and demonstrates your thesis, and a conclusion that restates your thesis and offers some new avenue for discussion.

You should include notes in the body of the essay using the format of the MLA formatting and Style Guide or the University of Chicago Manual of Style.

This is not a research paper. If you do refer to some secondary source, however, it needs to be properly cited. You should not, however, be using secondary sources.

Question to be discussed:

Discuss the presentation of the discussion between Socrates and Protagoras in the Protagoras. What are the essential differences between Protagoras and Socrates? Are these differences always apparent in the positions they take in their arguments? Be sure to explain why they appear to exchange positions on whether virtue can be taught, as Socrates at least views the matter near the end of the dialogue (Stephanus page 361, Jowett translation page 187).
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