explain Organisational Behaviour

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As previously stated in the previous order #81687631 (attachment provided), this is a continuation Exam for the original paper provided in order #81687631. This is why the same writer is required.

Using the Company Assessment tools and research you have done independently (attached document); provide a complete assessment of the company you are currently working for (Company is Ericsson in Telecommunication industry).

If you were the CEO what would you change and why? Please provide your recommendation for change and support your proposal with independent research and critical analysis. Please provide a “Before” and “After” Organizational charts showing the current management structure and how you propose to change it and why.

If you work for a multi-national Company you can use the business unit you are working for to provide this assessment.

Your Final Assessment paper should be 4,500 words (+ or – 10%).

The examiner will look for
(1) evidence of external research
(2) learning from the current module
(3) critical thinking to support your analysis and recommendations.
A Harvard style bibliography is required.
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