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For this assignment, you will look at the intersections of family life and public policy within a context of interest to you. You may select any public policy (historical or current, federal or state, or in another country) that affects families and critically analyze it from a sociological perspective. You will provide a detailed background on your public policy and examine how your policy affects family life. You will critique the policy using your sociological imagination, as well as the readings you gather on your own.

To get you started, here is a topic to explore (as it relate to families): (abortion)

NOTE: This is not specific policy, it’s just topic. Your job will be to find a specific public policy that relates to this topic (and then you will analyze it for the paper).

You will provide a detailed background on your public policy and examine how your chosen policy affects family life. Your paper should incorporate the following questions, though they do not need to be answered in this order, and should be answered in essay format. It should begin with an introduction that outlines your paper’s main points, and then address the following questions:

** What is this family policy? Why was this policy created? Who created it? When was it created?

** What do the sources you found say about this policy? Provide detailed summaries of the readings you ’ve selected. {Note: doing a very thorough job on your summaries will be key to doing well on this assignment}

** What is an ideology and what do you think this policy tells us about family ideology?

** What are the effects of this policy on families? (Note: they may affect different groups and families differently and you should explore this)

** What are your own opinions about this policy and why?

Your paper should include at least 7 references from academic or reputable news sources (no blogs, Wikipedia, or other non—academic sources).

The paper should be 8 full pages typed (not including your title page or reference page),
double—spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font.
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