Develop a communication strategy to resolve conflict in the work environment.

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Develop a communication strategy to resolve conflict in the work environment. I have attached a detailed sample structure of the essay. Please follow that structure to write this essay.

One of the key challenges for managers is to find adaptive communication strategies that create an open, enabling work culture. Management have asked you to develop a communication strategy to improve staff morale following a meeting highlighting entrenched conflict in the workplace. Management is supportive of positive resolution and reluctant to lose staff members.
Management perceive that the conflict is the result of:
discrimination issues due to diverse workplace
harassment / bullying issues
power issues and conflicting dialectics across the organisation.
The critical analysis of the work environment and the resultant communication strategy will demonstrate your understanding of:
structural issues (mechanistic or organic structure or a hybrid of both)
cultural ethos of the organisation (receptivity of management, acceptance of diversity, openness to innovation)
characteristics of prevailing work culture of the organisation (e.g. embracive work culture and adaptivity of management)
ethical and legal best practice.

Select an organisation that you thoroughly investigated (minimum of ten staff). This might be an organisation where you have worked. However, this organisation must be large enough and sufficiently complex to sustain a detailed analysis of these important conflict issues.

When approaching your analysis, take the above elements into consideration. You might concentrate on several issues above to allow a more complex analysis or provide a more general response covering all elements. You must include a comprehensive communication strategy to address these issues and improve staff morale.
You should draw on scholarly material to support your response to this assignment.
You must submit a reference list with your assignment. At least six scholarly sources must be submitted.
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