Write a case conceptualization from a Behavioral theoretical orientation.

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Refer to both text & cite Sommers-Flanagan, J. & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2012). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in context and practice: Skills, strategies and techniques. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. – 2nd Edition (Chapter 3)
Sperry, L. & Sperry, J. (2012). Case conceptualization: Mastering this competency with ease and confidence. Routledge: NY (Chapter 9)

Write a case conceptualization from a Behavioral theoretical orientation. Format the paper in the same style as the case exemplar provided (case of Geri) in chapter 9; pg. 200. Include a clinical formulation. The case conceptualization should cover the clinical formulation components as described in the Sperry & Sperry (2012) text: presentation, precipitant, predisposing factors (these are theory based dynamics), pattern (maladaptive), perpetuants, protective factors and strengths, first order goal(s) and interventions, and second order goal(s) and interventions. Identify each element in the actual chart (pg. 199), then write all of the listed elements in a coherent formulation statement. (Use Case of Geri as an Example)
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