What is Democratic Equality?

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There are two parts to the Final Paper. Part 1, is based only on the book: \”A Theory of Justice\” by John Rawls, and the Part 2 is based on the first book and on: \”Political Liberalism\” by John Rawls.

Part 1:
1A) What is Democratic Equality?

1B) What are the two principles of Justice? What is the reasoning behind the parties in the original position that, according to Rawls, would lead then to choose Justice as Fairness?

Part 2:
2A) What is the distinction between a comprehensive doctrine and a political conception?

2B) Two types of comprehensive doctrines: Reasonable and Unreasonable, expand on them.

2C) Distinguish Pluralism from reasonable pluralism?

2D) What is the overlapping consensus? How does it answer the questions about stability for a liberal constitutional democracy?
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