What is an\”archetype\”(para37) in film?

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I need a summary or question need to be answer for every story i list under.
1. Video Dreams – Summary
2. A Moral Never-Never Land – 2 Question to be answer \”(1) How, according to Harold, does the depiction of the mob in The Sopranos compare with other cinematic portrayals of gangsters? (2) Why does Harold believe that Dr. Melfi is the \” moral center\”(Para.15) of the program?\”
3. Why we love TV\’s Anti-heroes – 2 Question to be answer\”(1)What are the reasons that the TV protagonists whom Garrett mentions do not seem heroic in his view (2) What is Garrett\’s explanation for the proliferation of anti- heroes on televisions\”
4. Mad Men and the Paradox of the Past – 1 Question to be answer \”Summarize in your own words the ways in which conservatives and liberals interpret Md Men, according to simons.
5. The Hollywood Sign- summary
6. Creating the Myth – summary and Question to be answer \”(1) What is an\”archetype\”(para37) in film?
7. Class and Virtue- 2 question to be answer (1)according to parenti, what character are typically upper class film character.(2) how does portenti see the relationship between \”class bigotry\” and \”gender bigfty\” (para 7) in pretty woman
8. High school confidential – 1 question need to be answer (1) What sort of characters are typically the hero in teen films, in Denby\’s view
9. The post morbid condition- 3 question to be answer (1) Describe i your own words the stereotypical male and female villains in teen movies (2) In what ways does a cinderella fantasy influence teen films (3) What is the menacing subgenera(para 14) of teen movies.
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