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This class is about deviant behavior. This paper will be on Differential Association theory developed by Edwin Sutherland. I will be doing an observation experiment on differential association in juvenile courtroom to see how many juveniles are repeat offenders, first-time offenders, or gang-related offenders that appears before the judge. All of the juveniles are from underprivileged backgrounds. The purpose of this observation experiment is to see how criminal behavior is learned by interacting with people by communicating with words and gestures, as well as learning the motivation and attitude towards crime, race, and gender. I would like for you to write an abstract, literature review, introduction, should include information about the Edwin Sutherland the developer, and criminal behavior, general presentation. Other researcher may have uncovered some interesting trends also include something on the subject of courtroom observation. I want to see in this paper if Edwin Sutherland theory is a positive or constructionist in sociology. This paper should be directed toward. The finding of my observation experiment, all the juveniles that I observed have learned criminal behavior and activities from interacting with other juveniles, whether it be school or community. I will write the method, the results and conclusion.
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