How does social media help democratise a country like Pakistan.

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The gist of the dissertation is to assess whether or not social media can help democratise a country (Pakistan in this study).The literature that i have included in the documents section will help give an idea of how to approach the concept.Using the public sphere theory introduced by Habermas, we will assess the viability of social media to perform as a public sphere.Ultimately the aim of this research will be if and how social media can help inform or persuade people to turn up at the ballot box.What is particularly interesting about this project is that although numerous studies have taken place to assess the impact of social media on the electoral process of western countries( where social media is most apparent and widely spread) as compared to Pakistan( a developing nation, where social media has less than 10% penetration).The 2013 election results in Pakistan showed a staggering increase in voter turnout and youth voters with a record breaking increase of about 50% votes in some urban cities.
It is the rise of the political party PTI (whose social media presence is more active than others) in the 2013 elections which compiles us to ask this question of whether social media and the use of social media has prompted these new young/first time voters to participate in the political process.

The methodology selected for this research project is interviewing.About 20 interviews of people in Pakistan will be conducted (from urban cities) to help us generate an idea of whether the claim made in the dissertation is true or not
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