explain the Geography of the Palestine-Israel Conflict and the USA

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Please get your information from Quran, and also read the PP slides. and do not write more than what it says in the document.
Review carefully and in sequence the following 19 PowerPoint slides: 288, 208, 205-207, 216-221, 229, 257, 253, 283, 157, 161, 346, 305.

Based exclusively on your thoughtful learning from the above specific slides (and also from additional slides in topic 4), write a 700-1000 word essay in which (1) you draw upon the various definitions in slide 208 to CREATE your OWN original, concise, and inclusive definition of the Israel lobby, and (2) you PINPOINT and EXPLAIN which one of the three—the US government, the Israeli government, or the Israel lobby—is \’calling the shots\’ (telling the others what to do) in terms of US Middle East policy. This essay is longer than the previous ones because it is your critical thinking project/paper in which you should demonstrate your ability to integrate multiple perspectives/ways of learning through scientific and historical perspectives (such as learning from objective facts and figures as in slides 4, 5, 11, 15-20, 27, 28, 60-63, 350), learning through artistic and literary perspectives (such as learning from imaginary representations/cartoons as in slides 55-59, 96, 97, 104, 151, 157, 161, 346), and learning through ethical and behavioral perspectives (such as learning from irrational or immoral or emotional or moving social behaviors as in slides 75-77, 84-87, 206, 229, 257).

Homework4 is worth 12 points (12 percent of your final grade). Sources for homework assignments must be cited briefly and ONLY between parentheses in the text so I can verify them quickly while grading and writing feedback. Each homework assignment in this course must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file and uploaded through the TurnItIn link View/Complete) by the deadline. No other submission will be accepted. Homework assignment 4 is due by 6/28/16 at 10 pm
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