. esIdentify the ethical, strategic, operational, and financial issu

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Admission Essay Directions

Presented here for your analysis and recommendation is a real-world scenario. Your essay should be well thought out written clearly and concisely, and be approximately 500- 700 words in length. Be sure to comprehensively respond to all of the questions associated with this scenario. You will be evaluated on your ability to think critically, express yourself clearly (English composition skills), and follow instructions.

MBA Admission Essay Topic :
A large multinational manufacturing company is launching a new product line in several countries. You are heading up a team of individuals from various departments including sales, marketing, finance and operations, and have set up a series of training sessions for company personnel in various countries in advance of the product roll out.

Your team is on a very tight schedule as you travel to several major cities and countries around the world. The roll out plan established by corporate is very ambitious. Recognizing this, you have set in motion a series of actions to ship sample products and essential training materials to various locations in advance of your team’s arrival.

Three days before training was scheduled to begin in Malaysia, the team’s next stop, the in country manager called to inform you that the sample products and training materials were lost in shipment and never arrived at customs at the Kuala Lumpur International airport on the scheduled date. She tells you that she is continuing to try to track down the lost shipment, but unless something happens immediately, not having product and training materials with result in a 30 day delay of the product launch causing lost revenue.

As the newly promoted director of overseas operations, you are eager to make a good impression on the person you replaced who was just promoted to vice president of global operations and is your new boss. The company and your new boss are counting on you and your team to meet some very ambitious sales goals and objectives for the new product line.

In your essay make sure you address each of the following items:
1. esIdentify the ethical, strategic, operational, and financial issu
in this scenario and list them in priority order from most to least critical.
2. As the director of overseas operations, what options are available to you to resolve this situation? State the risks and consequences associated with each option you identify
3. Based upon the options you identified above, select the one you would implement and describe fully and succinctly your course of action.
4. Assuming a worse case scenario in which sample product and training materials are not available in time for the product launch, how do you propose to make up for the loss in sales and revenue?

Also- No sources or references, please!
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