Discuss the History of the United States From 1877.

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The textbook you need is “Making History: A Personal Approach to Modern American History by Bruce Olav Solheim- ISBN: 978-1-63189-382-7” , and I purchased already. I will uploade it, and you must let me know if the file has any issue that cannot be opened.
Write a 5-page paper (double-spaced including sources web links used page) Compare the two people (President Franklin D. Roosevelt & President John F. Kennedy) and find out how they are similar. Then, contrast the two people and highlight how they and their experiences are different. Focus on why they are important and their historical significance. You should use at least “three” sources of information in addition to the textbook (show me the number of pages). I expect this paper to have a bibliography and citations (MLA style is fine). Be sure to include “a title” for the paper.

#2. In approximately 200 words explain how World War II impacted America domestically. Use your own words. (No sources require)

I purchased this order with 6-page, so don’t worry about it. Write 5 pages for the #1 and 1 page(275words) for the #2.

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