Discuss the concept of cognitively distant opportunities

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Book: Essentials of Strategic Management the Quest for Competitive Advantage
Question1) Three Paragraphs one each questions
Material from Chapters 1 and 2 and the two articles introduce fundamental issues for understanding the importance of strategy and how leaders create and manage the strategic process for their organization. The article \”The New Psychology of Strategic Leadership\” introduces the term cognitively distant opportunities.
Post a response to the following:
•Discuss the concept of cognitively distant opportunities.
•Share an example of a past or recent innovation that you believe qualifies as a cognitively distant opportunity successfully seized by a leader or an organization.
•Explain why you believe this innovation to be a cognitively distant opportunity.
Question 2) Two Paragraphs
To provide you with a more real-world strategy experience, a business simulation has been integrated into the course as part of the course requirements. You will be assigned to run a company that competes against companies run by other class members. This will help you gain valuable experience experimenting with various strategy options.
https://www2.gsu.edu/~mgtcan/PlayersGuide.pdf is supposed to be 2011 edition
Read the Player\’s Guide to “The Business Strategy Game” simulation. Answer the following three questions:
•Where are we now? (Is your company in a good, average, or weak competitive position with regard to its rivals?)
•Where do we want to go? (Where would you like your company to be after the first five decision rounds? By how much would you like to increase total profits by the end of the simulation exercise?)
•How are we going to get there? (Which of the basic strategic and competitive approaches discussed in the first chapter do you think makes the most sense to pursue? What kind of competitive advantage over rivals do you intend to build?)
Well-organized, clearly and concisely written. The posts are easy to read and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Sources are present and cited correctly
Responses are substantive, introduce new ideas and advance the discussion by incorporating course materials and concepts or through
Substantial evidence and critical thought are provided to justify the claims made within post.
References course materials (readings, videos, module notes, etc), and related literature. Post elaborates on course materials by making connections between key ideas and concepts.
Thoroughly responds to all aspects of the discussion topic, and incorporates multiple perspectives, ideas.
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