Define each of the 6 important steps of the program design and evaluation process.

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¥ Define each of the 6 important steps of the program design and evaluation process:
1 Problem Analysis
2 Needs Assessment
3 Developing Strategies and Objective
4 Program Design
5 Performance Measurement and Monitoring
6 Program Evaluation
¥ Explain the purpose of each step in this process.
¥ Discuss the importance of each step to the development of effective behavior management programs.
Remember that your goal for this project is to provide an overview of the program design and evaluation process. You should not create a solution for the given scenario. You should provide a beginning explanation of the process that highlights the purpose and importance of this process.
Your presentation must also include a title slide at the beginning and a slide at the end with APA formatted references for the academic sources you used in creating your presentation.
Your PowerPoint should be a minimum of 12 slides in length, not including title slides and references, include proper APA formatting (including properly formatted headings for each section of your plan), and include at least 2 academic references (including your course text)
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