In the film La Vie Est Belle, what roles do the characters Patron, Mamou, Kabibi, and Kurou play?

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watch the movie La Vie Est Belle and answer the seven questions (all of them please). It\’s in discussion so I will post the description here and I will attach the review of the movies.You will find the movie online (YouTube), try to read about it online but I would prefer to watch the movies in order to answer the questions. Please put the number of each questions and answer them. So question 1 and write the discussion (answer), question 2 and write the discussion,…etc.
instructions from the instructor:
This discussion covers the film LA VIE EST BELLE, by Mweze Ngangura and Benoit Lamy which is available on YouTube: La Vie Est Belle. Watch the film critically and return to this discussion with your notes.

Questions are 1 point each. Answer all of the questions that follow. An adequate answer will be at least 100 words long. Mark each answer with question number.

1)In the film La Vie Est Belle, what roles do the characters Patron, Mamou, Kabibi, and Kurou play? Please describe each character in a complete sentence for a total of four sentences.

2)In the film La Vie Est Belle, what relationship(s) do you perceive between Patron, Mamou, Kabibi, and/or Korou? Please describe how these characters are related in the film.

3)What is the multiple marriages (Patron, Mamou, Kabibi) story of La Vie Est Belle? How does that story end? Please explain.

4)In the film La Vie Est Belle, the Moziki Oye club is an association of possibly “liberated” house wives of Kinshasa. Mamou and Cherie Bondowe belong to the club. What role does the club play in the film? Please explain.

5)In the film La Vie Est Belle, African tradition plays a role opposite modernization. Would you agree or disagree that the film privileges tradition over modernization? Please explain.

6)What do you think about the portrayal of African women in the film La Vie Est Belle? Positive? Negative? Please explain.

7)Sheila Petty probably would observe several instances of oppression in the film La Vie Est Belle. What about you? Describe any image of oppression of women you observed in the film.

Please answer all the questions with numbering them
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