Discuss the Effects of Choosing Applicable Law and Equal Treatment in the European Union

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I would like you to do me a dissertation in the area of International Business Transaction, International litigation.
The dissertation topic is \”Effects of Choosing Applicable Law and Equal Treatment in the European Union\”
The study attempt to demonstrate various perspectives concerning the scope and functionality of the equitable treatment on different nationality and as per the movement laws laid down in the Treaty free movement provisions and in Article 18 TFEU. It is significant in that the functionality and scope of the principle of equal treatment is examined in the context of the determination of the applicable law in inter-State relationship. The study determines the effects on the choice made on the law that governed inter-state contracts, non-contracts and various civil law relationships in the European Union.
The reference suggestion
– Wautelet P, \’International Public Contracts: Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution\’ SSRN Electronic Journal
Please do referencing in** OSCOLA** style.
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