watch the movies Safi Faye\’s Selbe and so many others,and Anne-Laure Folly\’s Women with Open Eyes and answer the six question.

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watch the movies Safi Faye\’s Selbe and so many others,and Anne-Laure Folly\’s Women with Open Eyes and answer the six question. It\’s in discussion so I will post the description here and I will attach the review of the movies. If you did\’t find the movies online, try to read about it online but I would prefer to watch the movies in order to answer the questions. Please put the number of each questions and answer them. So question 1 and write the discussion, question 2 and write the discussion,…etc. Thanks
We screened in class on Monday, June 27, Safi Faye\’s Selbe and so many others and Folly\’s Women with Open Eyes. These must see films are not available on Netflix. Check with your instructor for short-term loans of his copies.

Among other things in week 4, we will discuss these films. Here are some questions to reflect on for that discussion. You are required to discuss the film here. Be sure to read the D2L copies of reviews of these films. Then, answer any/some/all of the questions that follow. Up to 6 points are awarded, 1 point for each adequate answer. Be aware that others may respond to your comments, as you might, theirs.

1)Zelie Asava\’s review of \”Selbe and So Many Others\” credits Faye with \”privileging the voice of the female\”. Do you agree or disagree with Zelie? Please explain in a short essay.

2)Asava\’s review suggests that Selbe\’s focus is on the \”social roles and economic responsibility of women in African society\”. Agree? Disagree? What do think is the focus of the film Selbe? Please explain.
3)A classmate takes issue with the film Selbe. She disagrees that men in rural Senegal are as uncaring about the family as Selbe suggests. You think she is wrong? Why or why not? Please explain.
4)What issues are addressed in Anne-Laure Folly\’s Women with Open Eyes? And, what message about tradition does Folly want us to take away from the film? Please explain.
5)Sheila Petty probably would identify several instances of oppression in Sisters in Law and Women with Open Eyes. What about you? Please identify and explain any two instances of oppression you noted in the two films.
6)According to Anne-Laure Folly’s Women with Open Eyes, what is the best way to frame the issue of female circumcision? Please explain.
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