Research common treatment goals for Depressive Disorders diagnosis.

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Read the Case 5.1 of Maggie attached – Suffering from Depressive Disorder.
Read the Summary below – Page 2 to Page 4 below
Read the Assessment below – Page 5 to Page 13
Research common treatment goals for Depressive Disorders diagnosis

Then, Complete the Treatment Plan and should be approximately 500 words and is attached.
A treatment plan is a form/ written report or a plan based on the type of mental illness that needs to be treated, its severity, and the individual\’s personal needs and preferences.

NOTE: A SAMPLE Treatment Plan is attached

Resource: Counseling Treatment Plan; Clinical Assessment .

Choose one assessment. DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS (See Assessment on page 5).

Review the chosen clinical assessment. (See Summary on Depressive Disorder & Assessment).

Research common treatment goals for Depressive Disorders diagnosis.

Complete the Treatment Plan. The response should be approximately 500 words.
Include a minimum of two source
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