Medical personnel have to worry about lawsuits with every patient and every action. One type of civil action is a negligence action. Negligence is an unintentional tort (personal injury) claim that can subject a healthcare worker and/or the caregiver’s employer to damages.
When the negligence is at the hands of an individual who is considered a professional and held to a higher standard, it is then called malpractice.
For this discussion, you will use the St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. Choose one of the following scenarios: The Affair, The Bully, Creative Accounting, or The Slackers.
After reviewing a scenario, list and explain the elements that a plaintiff would have to prove in order to win a claim for negligence.
Then, explain the concept of malpractice and what else would be needed to win a claim for malpractice. Make sure to support your opinions with evidence from your readings.

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