how can reflection achieved? – does theory apply in management practices?

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this is part of phd literature review. In this order analyse 3 key reflective learning theories from education field. one of them is kolb experiential learning theory. when you choose another 2 theories and state these are the key reflective theories please support this information with at least 2 references. the analysis of the theory should be critical evaluation for each theory. Consider the following points in the evaluation for each theory:
– origin of the theory
– theoretical assumption
– is it practice-based theory?
– strengths and weakness
– areas of application
– does it support individual or social learning? or both of them? if it is support social learning, how interaction between individuals is done? is it through one form or multiple forms like discussions, direct observation, participant action and engagement with others in practices…etc
– how can reflection achieved?
– does theory apply in management practices?
– which one is the dominant and why? I think the most popular one is Kolb experiential learning approach. so try to justify it.
after that include comparison table between them.
please try to include one reference for the developer of each theory. Use academic references journals articles and books, include page number in citation within texts. also, try to include few quotations.
support each above points with references and examples
please don\’t use websites articles in references.

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