discuss the nurse staffing/ safe staffing policy which is a policy for nurse-patient ratios.

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In this paper I wanted to discuss the nurse staffing/ safe staffing policy which is a policy for nurse-patient ratios. During my research I believe California is the only state with this policy and other state are in the process of developing the policy. I have to use a theory to support this topic and the theory i have to use is utilitarianism theory.

Paper describing a current biomedical ethical policy (institutional, organizational, or national) in the United States: The student will analyze and critique the policy and offer suggestions for improvement. The theoretical support for this paper will be from a different theoretical perspective than the first paper. The topic will be approved by the instructor in advance.

Your paper will be graded using the following criteria:
5% Description of the case and development of the argument
– Case is concise and the ethical issues are clear
15% Soundness of the argument using the theoretical framework
– The theory used in your paper is applied correctly to the case
– The arguments are sound
65% Validity of two different positions supported by the theory selected
– Careful analysis of opposing arguments
– Selection of one argument that you support
10% Thorough use of appropriate literature to support your argument
– Use mostly articles from established, respected journals
5% APA format, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure Outline for your papers:
Abstract: (See the discussion of abstracts in the APA manual.)
Description of case/policy
Identification of agents and their interests
Theoretical analysis of case/policy
Short description of the theory to be used
Statement and analysis of position the theory does not support well
Use the same theoretical framework
Statement and analysis of position the theory does support
Use the same theoretical framework
(You may find two different solutions that can be supported by your theory.)
(You may also find that the theory you have chosen only supports one solution
well. If this is the case, state that and then say which other theory would support
the position you hold to be the correct solution to the case or policy analysis.)
Summary and conclusion
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