The Written Account of Learning Assignment

The aim of this piece of written work is to reflect, to review and to evaluate your learning in the work place.

WORD LIMIT:3000 words

 discuss the rationale for the topic/area of your of work based learning;

 evaluate your strategy for learning and your learning activities;

 critically analyse the issues arising from the implementation of your learning strategy;

 evaluate the effectiveness of your learning action plan;

 evaluate the benefit of your learning to patients/clients/residents, yourself and your employer;

 argue the advantages/limitations of the work based learning approach to your studies and to advanced professional practice.

This will demonstrate flexibility in integrating theory with practice, the ability to reflect, to review and to evaluate learning in the workplace.
b. The Learning Action Plan and Portfolio of Evidence

The evidence that you have achieved the learning outcomes as set out and agreed in your learning action plan [LAP] is presented in a portfolio of evidence. This should consist of direct evidence of the knowledge and skills gained. Indirect evidence can also be used in your portfolio. The portfolio should be cross –referenced to the LAP outcomes for ease of reference.

We anticipate that the following will be achieved for:

Critical literature review; investigation of practice; construction of plan for implementation.

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