CFC Rijeka
The case study should be centred on ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR issues, which is dealing with people and problem solving.

structure of the case study.
Executive Summary:
Summarise what the case study is about

In this paragraph write about: (everything can be found online)
Background on Croatian football
Background on Hnk Rijeka

Problem Description:
Describe the problem in general

Problem Statement:
Focus the problem making it concise and interesting.

Alternative courses of action:
in this paragraph form a table in which in one column will be the different approaches that can be taken (you can see the two examples attached below on what kind of approaches the professor looks for)
in the second column put pros and in the last one cons of that.
Make at least 6 different courses of action.

in this paragraph analyse in depth each course of action written.

this is the final paragraph, write what recommendation you would give to solve the problem and why.

Remember this is concerning people and how to organise people, not strategic analysis

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