Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide

Give Short answers for each of the following

• Describe the characteristics of team serial killers: leader/follower, relationships, female involvement, victim selection, psychiatric problems, number of victims

• Female serial killers: how presented in films, motivations, victim selection, MO, Heckert/Ferraiolo study

• In killers of children  what are the  male reasons, female reasons for killing?

• Victim facilitation in serial killing, being at risk

• List the Types of profiling

• Geographic profiling – Name  4 offender styles

• Define organized profile vs.  disorganized profiles of serial killers
• Define Female serial killer typologies.  And how do they more difficult to identify, capture, and prosecute?

• What is the utility of profiling?  Problems with profiling?

• Solo serial killers v. team killers

• Describe the role of abandonment, rejection, loss, humiliation, etc. in serial killers

• 3-4 sentences defining the role of media in the developing the public’s perception of serial killers.

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