Complete the Values Checklist  and compare your answers to the dominant U.S. cultural patterns discussed in Chapter 8 of our text. Then address the following questions:

  • How do your values compare to the dominant United States cultural patterns?
  • Which three values on this list are the most important to you?
  • Can you identify when and where you first learned these three values?
  • Do these three values affect how you communicate? If so, how?
  • Do these three values affect your intercultural communication?
To compare your own values to those identified as dominant United States cultural patterns.
Place a “+” in front of the statements you personally agree with, a “-” in front of those you believe are not true for you,
and leave blank those with which you neither agree nor disagree.
_____ 1. I believe in a personal God (i.e., a God I can know personally, like a friend)
_____ 2. Human life is the most unique form of life.
_____ 3. Humans have power to control the plants and animals of the earth.
_____ 4. Science helps people.
_____ 5. You can tell something about a person by their possessions.
_____ 6. Buying things on credit (credit card, car loan, etc.) is okay.
_____ 7. Work gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
_____ 8. Work should be serious business.
_____ 9. An active, busy life can be a satisfying life.
_____ 10. It’s important to organize and plan your time.
_____ 11. It is more important to focus on achieving short-term goals than long-term goals because the distant
future is uncertain.

_____ 12. Change is good.
_____ 13. New, improved products sell better than old ones.
_____ 14. Time should be managed responsibly.
_____ 15. We should use the present to work for a better future.
_____ 16. People are born with the potential for good and evil.
_____ 17. People can make decisions for themselves.
_____ 18. People can change their behavior.
_____ 19. It’s important to have an identity that is based on yourself and not on other people.
_____ 20. It’s important to decide goals for yourself.
_____ 21. Everyone should have equal opportunity.
_____ 22. It’s fun to keep in touch with trends (e.g., fashion, hairstyles, and “cool” clubs).
_____ 23. I’m proud of my country.
_____ 24. I’m willing to fight for my country.

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