Describe in some detail a specific current national public policy or law that you would like to see changed.

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Write a letter to your U.S. representative or senator about a current policy of your choice. In that letter, you need to do the following:

Address it to the correct U.S. representative or senator who represents you (at the US Senate or House of Representatives, NOT at the Texas Legislature/Senate)
Explain who you are (i.e. you’re their constituent!)
Describe in some detail a specific current national public policy or law that you would like to see changed. This policy can be in the area of economics, foreign policy, social policy, gun policy, drug policy – i.e. anything having to do with US Law or Policy.
Explain your alternative public policy solution or what change in the law you would recommend. Give at least two reasons with supporting evidence to show why your policy solution is preferable,
Ask for their opinion and use language suitable for communicating with a legislator.

Your letter should be typed, single-spaced, and a minimum of one page in length, including the salutations and greetings expected in a letter (i.e., To the Honorable Representative Smith, Yours Sincerely, etc.).

Letter must be at least 500 words in length but no more than 800 words.
You must give at least three (3) Citations from the textbook and relevant literature.
Include a works cited page.
MLA format required (single spaced though)
Upload your essay by the due date using the link below.
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